• PP-Woven Sacks, top hemmed, white, transparent and in various colours
  • PP-Woven Sacks with tie-rope
  • PP-Woven Sacks with PE-Liner (PE-Liner stitched at the top hem and bottom fold)
  • PP-Woven-DoubleSacks (2 layers of PP-Cloth)
  • PP-Woven-Box Bags with top hem and Lid
  • PP-Woven-Box Bags with top hem with tie-cord
  • PP-Woven-Bale covers with top hem
  • PP-Woven-Fabric pieces (for baling)
  • PP-Circular Woven Cloth on rolls
  • PP-Woven-Sandbags
PP-GewebesäckeSandsäcke aus PP-Gewebe + Jute
PP-Woven and Jute Sandbags